Fight the COVID-19 crisis with laughter

April 13th 2020

The funniest coronavirus memes to get your whole bubble

 It sure is tough out there. Whether you’re a business facing rocky times, a school struggling with a new way of teaching, or a team working out how to connect from afar, this is a time of extra stress. 

Here at Isometric we have been lucky. We’re already well-practised at working remotely and have the in-house skills to make fast changes to our tech. These combined have made the practicalities of working through COVID-19 easier, but it hasn’t taken away the emotional toll. We hear from our clients – and experience ourselves – how being apart from the comradery of your team can really have a negative impact on your state of mind. We’ve found that catching up over video calls and sharing funny memes has helped reconnect us. That’s been especially important since studies show laughter may help with everything from your mental health to your immune system – both of which would come in handy right now! 

We reached out to the rest of the Isometric team for their favourite COVID-19 memes, so we could add a bit of laughter to your day, too. 

 Fun with puns 

Puns get a bad name, but wielded right, they can be absolutely genius. Here are our team’s picks for best word-play memes.

The funny side of isolation woes 

Days of the week merging into one, lockdown carb overload, and family members getting on each other’s nerves – we’re all going through much the same things right now. These memes poke a bit of fun at those shared experiences. 

Jokes aside… 

The Isometric team is still hard at work and ready to help. We can offer the same support as always to keep you connected and rolling at full steam into the next level. 

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  • We’re so lucky to work with such a great provider with competent and capable technicians. They’re great problem-solvers and have the school’s best interests at heart when supporting us on how best to move forward.

    Moira Koptittke (Rutherford College)

  • I can manage changing hardware and basic IT solutions, but it’s great to have support only a phone call away. They’ve got extensive knowledge and experience with schools from years of working with them. Isometric’s commitment to the school and its students is what makes it the best IT solutions company.

    Bruce Griffin (Gladstone Primary)