Virtual reality and drone services

Virtual reality and drones: Bringing a new view

The role of technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and this is particularly true in education. It’s now at a point where technology cannot be taken for granted, especially by us here at Isometric. We have seen it evolving and through these changes, we are now ourselves working on new ideas for our own business.

So far, through our experience with working with schools, both virtual reality and drones are highlighting that things are changing. Both are transforming the way teachers are exploring different realities within the classroom.

Combining a drone and a VR gives schools the opportunity to not only take stunning photos then see their work from a bird’s eye view but to then use VR to bring the work to life.

We have done just this, allowing teachers to give their pupils a new perspective to their projects – they not only see them from the air, they can also experience walking through their drawings that have become 3D.

Isometric can take your education into another dimension by using VIVE technologies or a drone. For more information on the opportunities of using virtual reality or a drone in your school contact us.

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