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We offer impartial network support services and independent advice across a wide range of leading brands. We use our experience to recommend the best solutions for your individual school or business, based on your current needs and budget.  We regularly review our base solutions to regularly ensure that they are a good start and after the best value for our customers.

We will work with you to understand where you are with your ICT and what you are trying to achieve. We will design a solution that helps you achieve your objectives, these are based on proven and tested technology. We will deliver the solution in agreed timescales that ensure the date and continuously delivers what you need it to.

Network management refers to the broad subject of managing computer networks. There exists a wide variety of software and hardware products that help network system administrators manage a network. Network management can cover a wide area, including:


We will work with you to ensure you have the right tools for the expertise and size of your technical teams, ensuring that your network is efficient and affordable.


We have solutions that enable you to manage all your Apple, Google and Microsoft devices, allowing your staff to use the resources they need, whenever they need it.

Professional development

A well-managed network means that IT in the office just works, with employees and management having access to everything they need – first time.


We can help with solutions that ensure your network remains secure from viruses and intrusion. As well as general security issues, we also have an understanding of specific issues that businesses face and have a range of solutions tailored to meet these needs.


Regardless of the type of network and devices you have – we have the tools to help you manage and monitor your network in the most effective way.


Our single contract for all of your supported technology ensures you get the help you need when you need it. Our services are designed to assist network administrators and IT departments, using any combination of the following methods:

Services we offer:

  • Full managed services
  • Ad hoc support (pay as you go)
  • Apple IT support
  • Service Level Agreements – including remote access, reactive support
  • IT helpdesk

Network management

CC4 is a flexible network management toolset that allows IT staff to manage your network users, computers and applications from a single point. This enables you to access network information and manage network resources quickly, easily and effectively. Easily tailor users’ desktops and access rights so that you provide a secure environment for students, employees and residents.

Based on Microsoft Windows Server technology, you can add tools to tailor your network to meet the unique needs of your environment.

Documentation service: Lucid

At Isometric we’ve always strived to be different, to provide innovation and to always make the complex simple. As a development of these values, we now provide our customers with a service extension that gives them access to all of their ICT-related documentation in one central location. This service is called Lucid.

Lucid gives you the ability to find the information you need quickly - no more hunting through shared areas or emails. All system information is available by a simple search or browse.

  • Relationship mapping

Create and describe relationships between entities to simplify navigation and find what you’re looking for quickly. For example, open an application and see attached licensing PDFs along with two-way links to associated procedures, devices and passwords.

  • Flexible asset-tracking

This flagship feature allows you to track all the things you never could figure out how to track out-of-the-box. Quickly and easily identify missing or outdated documentation, not just what’s there. Use our built-in templates to track common IT assets and services including applications, licensing, backup configurations, technology standards and network settings – or customise and create your own.

  • Enterprise-grade security

Our platform has been built from the ground up to meet the stringent requirements of even the most discerning IT groups. These features include granular access control on a per-organization and per-entity basis, complete auditing of all key read/write platform actions, version control for recoverability and data integrity, and robust encryption.

Most documentation processes are complex and discourage people from creating good (let alone great) documentation. Lucid enables us to document our entire deliverable process, as well as provide useful knowledge-base documentation to our customers as a value-add to our service.

Whatever your next project might be, we can design a solution to help you!

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  • I can manage changing hardware and basic IT solutions, but it’s great to have support only a phone call away. They’ve got extensive knowledge and experience with schools from years of working with them. Isometric’s commitment to the school and its students is what makes it the best IT solutions company.

    Bruce Griffin (Gladstone Primary)

  • We’re so lucky to work with such a great provider with competent and capable technicians. They’re great problem-solvers and have the school’s best interests at heart when supporting us on how best to move forward.

    Moira Koptittke (Rutherford College)