Voice over IP

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a great technology that allows you to make and receive telephone calls over the Internet. It can also be referred to as an Internet Phone. It enables you to make cheap telephone calls over a broadband Internet connection, instead of using your regular telephone service. You can connect to regular telephone numbers locally or in other parts of the world, eliminating long distance fees by using a VoIP service from an “Interconnected VoIP Provider”. In addition, you will usually have low international phone call rates to other countries. The savings can be substantial, with lower fees and taxes levied by traditional telephone carriers. Plus, most providers offer services with “unlimited” calling plans and an array of features all for one monthly fee.

A requirement for a VoIP connection is a high speed internet connection as long as the wireless provider’s bandwidth meets the minimum requirements for the provider you choose and their connection is stable enough to offer a connection without packet loss and jitter.

5 Key Benefits of VoIP?

  • Cost savings – Lower monthly telephone bills; cheap Long Distance and cheap calls.
  • Phone Portability, or the ability to take your phone service with you.
  • Rich Media Service – ability to check “presence” i.e online, offline busy, send instant messages.
  • Virtual numbers; numbers that ring in on a primary number and can be from other areas, even other states.

VoIP can save money for the small business person. Certain people are going to benefit more greatly from VoIP than others. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are such great candidates for VoIP that it would be hard to present an argument against getting a VoIP service. It’s not just the unlimited long distance calls that are the primary motivation, it is also all the advanced features that are part of many provider’s service. A state of the art communications system, one that up until now would cost several hundreds of dollars a month with a large initial outlay, plus adding a VoIP line or two can greatly add to a school or small business’s communications features, saving money and increasing revenue.

Integration & Collaboration

VoIP protocols enable integration on the application layer which allows collaborate with other applications such as emails, web browser, IM, social networking.  Examples are voicemail delivery via email, click to call service etc, contact list.

User Interface

The ability to control preferences such as on-hold music, call forwarding, presence info in a Graphical User Interface can be done easily, no need to get the provider to change it for you. “Total Control”.

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