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How Isometric can support your business continuity during COVID-19

It’s a new world out there, and no one really knows what will happen next. It’s a time for continued vigilance – something we’re well prepared for and have already begun implementing our business continuity plans. As team, we’re positioned to be fully functional even if some or all of us need to be isolated. This will mean no reduction in the support you receive – but you may notice a change in how you access it. 

Are you prepared?  

Many of our clients are well prepared for a possible outbreak of COVID-19 in New Zealand, with employees already set up to work remotely. Others have disaster recovery plans in place for events like earthquakes, floods or tsunami, but hadn’t considered a situation like this. 

The main difference? Disaster recovery plans, like you’d need after a natural disaster, deal with getting your platform or service back up and running. What we need at the moment is a plan for business continuity – for when the limits to business aren’t a single event, but a total shift in the business-as-usual. A key part of that plan is ensuring you have an internal, open chain of communication. It’s important that you can contact employees through platforms like Microsoft Teams, along with text messages, phone calls, and personal emails 

We can help with that, ensuring your employees can securely access your systems and continue to work even if they can’t come into the office. 

We can help you  

  • Identify those that can work remotely
  • Determine what applications and data they’ll need 
  • Ensure that the resources being accessed are being done so securely  
  • Make the best use of Office 365 or Google G Suite 

How to stay in touch: 

If you have questions or concerns about how COVID-19 may affect your business, talk to us sooner rather than later. We will be able to go over options that meet your needs and work through this with you. 

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  • I can manage changing hardware and basic IT solutions, but it’s great to have support only a phone call away. They’ve got extensive knowledge and experience with schools from years of working with them. Isometric’s commitment to the school and its students is what makes it the best IT solutions company.

    Bruce Griffin (Gladstone Primary)

  • We’re so lucky to work with such a great provider with competent and capable technicians. They’re great problem-solvers and have the school’s best interests at heart when supporting us on how best to move forward.

    Moira Koptittke (Rutherford College)