Supporting Schools

At Isometric we have the team to help you manage the distribution of your devices to students and staff, and can guide you through the steps you need to take to complete the device configuration. We can be there from delivery of your Apple products to handing out devices to the students, through to the ongoing management of the devices, including bespoke training delivered by our Apple Professional Learning team to ensure that all your staff and students are on board. We have delivered 1:1 Apple deployment projects to schools across NZ, and are ready to support your school with its technology deployment.

1. Consultation

We will work to understand your schools desired outcomes from technology. This stage enables us to make the best possible recommendations and plan your deployment efficiently

2. Planning

We then develop a bespoke deployment plan unique to your requirements, and will recommend best practices regarding Apple deployment methodology

3. Configuration

Isometric can make the deployment of your technology more efficient through our on-premise device configuration centre.

4. Deployment

Our team of experts will configure the Apple devices in-house ready for the deployment to your students and staff. Speak to us about the 1:1 iPad deployments we have delivered to schools across NZ

5. Ongoing Management

We will support you in the ongoing management of the devices through our professional services, as well as enabling you to be self-sufficient in device updates for the longer-term

6. Technology Refresh

Our lifecycle management service has been built to provide you with the best possible return from your IT assets. We offer a simple device refresh process, enabling your school ease of access to the latest Apple technology.

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