More control, less complexity

The power of the Zero Trust approach

You have people working from home, in the office, and out on worksites. You have employees accessing work systems on personal laptops and phones. You have a hybrid environment, with data stored in the cloud while some services still run through your in-office servers. You need to protect against increasing cybersecurity threats, but you also need to give people the tools to do their jobs.

How do you maintain a secure network when it’s this complicated? For many of our business clients, a Zero Trust approach is the solution.

Zero Trust gives you an extra layer of network security on top of your usual protocols, protecting your business data without making access more complicated for your users. It’s based on the idea that every log-in and access point threatens your data – so it’s crucial to check, verify, and check again.


Layered security through one log-in

A Zero Trust system is like setting up digital checkpoints and gated areas within your network. Instead of a network where everyone has access to the same databases and work systems, your IT team can grant different levels of access to different users without needing separate systems or log-ins.

The system continuously checks security clearance for users and devices, revoking access if anything seems dubious. Two-factor authentication ensures only verified users can access the system, even if they’re working on their own devices. For example, a team member might receive a code via email when they log in through their phone.


Protecting your data – and your reputation

With cyber threats rising around the world, business owners are understandably concerned about the risk of attacks and data breaches. Ransomware, which can shut down a network for a significant time, is particularly alarming.

Cyber-attacks don’t just threaten your business data – they can do real damage to your reputation if client information is leaked. Businesses using the Zero Trust model benefit from an added layer of protection for their data and networks, reducing the risk of a damaging attack.


Seamless protection with Zero Trust

As cyber-attacks grow more sophisticated, your security must follow. That’s where the Zero Trust model comes in. It creates a system that balances ultra-secure access and network control with usability for your people.

The idea is that whether a team member is accessing your network for the fifth or five hundredth time, it’s crucial to check their credentials. Never trust, always verify.

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