Whether you’re implementing a new network or extending the range of IT services offered to students or employees, we can offer the right Training for you.  

Now more than ever, the increasing complexity of ICT solutions means that it is critical you and your employees have the skills and knowledge to ensure your ICT runs smoothly and is used to its full advantage. 

Isometric can present a range of expertly designed training packages which will ensure that: 

  • You and your staff have the expertise to keep up to date with the latest technologies.
  • Your school or business gets a improved time to value from its ICT investment
  • You are prepared for any changes that may arise from new challenges that arise like the recent rise and implementation of working from home during and after the pandemic.

Isometric training courses can also be customised specifically for you. Covering a wide range of technologies, we can prepare everyone from beginners to advanced users. You can opt for training at the Isometric office, at your school or business, or we can organise a training venue near you.

We offer technical consultancy to schools and businesses, catering to a variety of technical know-how. We also offer 1-to-1 education to those who need help with their network. 

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Training Staff member on using new tech within their business.